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Fear and Fright..Life in a Pandemic.

As we begin living in what WHO has referred to as a Pandemic. We are bombarded by media coverage of health crisis, death, stock market plummets and overall fear and desperation. Supermarkets are increasingly filled with empty shelves and people bulk buying for the unknown. My Job has become much more stressful as I work my way through stressed, scared and upset clients and general public. People are desperately messaging about herbs and how to get hold of them, people are rushing and tense and niceties have started to become the last thing on people's minds.

I urge everyone to start their day with meditation. Reflect on the actions of your previous day..how do you feel about what you did, how you felt and what intentions you had for that day. Then let it all float away. Refocus and take time to hone your intentions for the days moving forward. Act out of love and light. Be generous not precious. Be focused, not fearful. Take charge but don't bully.

I have seen some powerful actions over the last week or two, not all of them positive, but in a world of uncertainty and stress I choose light. Every person I talk to, I take time to smile at and make eye contact. I do not treat them like a leper. I welcome them and ask them how they feel today. I listen. I stand strong, grounded and focused in the era of a Pandemic that I will not be fearful of. I will be cautious but it will not run my Life. I will continue to be nice, caring and courteous to everyone around me, despite the devastation some countries face. I will no longer watch what is happening in the world. I will refocus and ensure that I have supported my immune system to the best of my ability. That I have provided my body with what it needs to be healthy and strong. I will laugh today, despite it all.

These are my mantras I speak when I meditate in the morning, in my car preparing for the business that is being a Naturopath in a Pandemic. Meditation helps me refill my cup which will be depleted throughout the day, when people rush to purchase out of fear and fright, who will forget niceties in that fear, who will need support to get them through. But it is those that are stuck at home, those who can't walk freely, like our elderly, that need the same respect. Think about them when you are in the public. Are you acting how your grandparents would expect you to behave?. Are we taking care of those who are MUCH more vulnerable to what is going on around us?.

Don't let fear or fright dictate and change how you behave. Ensure that when meditating the next day, that you can be proud of how you acted. That you didn't let fear control you, that you took ownership over your health, that you were mindful, respectful and caring.

Today I helped an elderly lady who was using a walker, get her crackers and an ice block. She acted like I had made her day. We both shared a smile and a joke and she carried on with her day. This lady showed no fear, she sparked joy and gracefulness in a day that is full of panic regularly in this situation.

Tomorrow I know I will have a smirk during meditation as I think fondly of this lady. Buying an ice block during a pandemic and telling jokes whilst the younger generations around her scurried past stressed and fearful.

There is always light...for when it is dark...stars shine brighter.

Hanna x

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