• Hanna

Eczema...It isn't just a skin issue

It is so easy to look at eczema or psoriasis and think "Oh! I have something wrong with my skin, I'll just put cream in it". But the truth of the matter is...it's more than skin deep.

9/10 times eczema and psoriasis have a major link to you overall gut health, and detox pathways. That means liver and kidneys and lastly...skin.

So when you think you have dry skin and maybe drinking water will help. You would be right. Not only for hydration of your skin, but also to allow the kidneys to flush out toxins that build up in everyday life, and allow the cells in your body to do their thing.

Speaking from experience of a person who suffers eczema and rashes from allergies...toxins matter. If you eat a diet high in processed foods, have food intolerances and/or allergies, have had gut issues in the past or currently, or expose yourself to chemicals or toxins daily in your environment then you are much more likely to show signs of eczema, asthma and other individualised symptoms. As you skin is the last port of call for detoxification.

When I was a Young adult and my skin was at it's worst, I was drinking, partying, working late in a hospitality role and then staying up late until 3-4am. When I think back on that I realise how much pressure I was putting on my liver, being dehydrated affecting my kidneys, disrupting my detox cycle by not sleeping at night, and eating little and infrequently and poor quality food.

The idea is to 'lessen the load'. This worked for me by reducing toxins consumed. I went organic, I changed my make up to natural, started a natural skincare company for my sensitive skin, made my own cleaning products and I eliminated food I was reacting to...temporarily. This process was not quick. It was more involved than I thought it would be. And it took determination. But I wanted nice skin.

So when you have eczema and psoriasis, it is important to acknowledge that yes topical application is important for your sanity, but that is only skin deep. Looking into the deeper cause is needed. And chances are, it may be a long winded way to get there, and you will probably need support. But that is what your Naturopath is there for. To guide you, to see the bigger picture of your health as a whole person.

It is even better when your Naturopath has travelled that road herself and knows what you are going through, and how crappy it is when you have a flare when you think you are doing so well. She is your motivator, your support person and your health practitioner all rolled in one. Something that I never had but want others to experience.

Hanna xx

Hanna Emke

Naturopath & Medical Herbalist