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About the Clinic

Where is The Art of Harmony Clinic?

The Art of Harmony Clinic is based at Daisy & Sage Clinic at 29 Kapiti Road, Paraparaumu. It is a beautiful shared space that also includes other multimodality specialists focused on Trauma and my fellow and much loved Naturopath friend Daisy, who focuses on Peri-menopause and other Women's Hormonal symptoms. 

The shared space was born out of a love for light, herbalism, some 'woo woo' and a lot of women's health focus. 

The intentions of this space is to create a beautiful and nurturing environment to see our clients. Clinic days vary for me, but feel free to message me to talk more about our beautiful space or book a discovery call to get to know more about what I do at The Art of Harmony Clinic.