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Practical Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine

Meet Hanna Emke

Naturopath & Traditional Herbalist

I'm a hands in the soil herbalist. I prefer to teach my clients to use tools that are life long. 

descend from Ngati Raukawa on the Kapiti Coast in Otaki . My whanau have taught me to forage from the land, of which I have such a deep connection to. This has sculpted my career path, and is why I use the words traditional herbalism and natural medicine.

I believe in being open and honest and creating a safe space for people to be heard. I welcome diversity and individuality and cultural differences. Knowing that your individuality, culture or childhood has shaped you into the person you are now, therefore it should be recognised and acknowledged. 

I have suffered at the hands of sensitive and reactive skin. My teenage years consisted of never ending rashes on my face and hands. I have overcome that and believe it is an invaluable learning tool for my clients. The journey to skin health is such a personal, sensitive and sometimes upsetting situation. So I have chosen to use my suffering as a tool for others to learn from.

Journeys are how I describe the pathways you will undertake with me as your practitioner. It can be meandering, slow moving, hard or fast going. But eventually you will reach your destination. Honesty and openness will ensure you are aware of what your journey may consist of.

My focus is on pre conception, pregnancy and postpartum. The journey of childbearing is magical and beautiful. We would look into supporting your body to raise the next generation. Infant and Children are such a huge focus for me, and ensuring the health of generations to come starts first with them.

Important Note

Maternity Leave

August 4th 2021

I will be on Maternity leave from August 2021 until Autumn 2022 while I welcome my twins into the world. Therefore bookings will be unavailable until books open again. Any regular clients will be notified when I will be back into action. For new clients, please contact me via email in the New Year. 


Why Natural Medicine and Traditional Herbalism?

It can support


Digestive complaints are common. More and more people are suffering from digestive complaints such as flatulance, bloating, IBS and IBD. We look into eating habits, nutrition and herbal medicine for support.


Fatigue is like a thick fog you can't find your way out from. Supporting lifestyle, nutrition and herbal/supplementary care can support clearing the fog of fatigue.


Supporting detoxification pathways to enable the liver, kidneys and skin to do their job is an essential part of health and wellbeing within the body. This can be achieved with herbal medicine and nutrition.

Women's Health

Pre conception, pregnancy and postpartum are specific areas I am focused on. Supporting health to sustain a healthy pregnancy is something I truly enjoy.

Weight Loss

Whilst weight loss is not a specific focus for my clinic, changing nutritional habits and reducing inflammation can result in positive weight loss.


Stress is one of the major contributors to ill health. Supporting stress response using lifestyle techniques and herbal adaptogens can support changing stress responses.


“She is amazing with kids!! Lol my 4 yr old felt so comfortable he even fell asleep on the chair during the session with our 6 yr old! Ngā mihi nui Hanna we thoroughly enjoyed our consultation and thankyou for helping us along the path on our journey to greater wellness!"