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Viral infections and the fear we face.

I have noticed, that being the Naturopath at our local Commonsense Organics, people are frightened and worried and frankly...stressed about Corona virus. The first and foremost thing I say to them is to only concern yourself with what you can change. That is your wellbeing!. So I tell people, corona virus is a virus that is beyond your control. What happens and how it spreads is beyond your reach when it is worldwide. Watching and reading media posts about it increases fear, stress and worry. This is by far more damaging at this moment to your wellbeing than what is happening beyond you and your family. So my advice to people... We are going to hand the power back to yourself. You are in control of you. What can you do to stay in control? Firstly stay proactive with good ol fashion PROPER handwashing. Secondly...keep yourself healthy and strong. That means eating wholefoods..rainbow assortments of fruit and vegetables and limiting sugar and other inflammatory foods. Daily exercise and time in nature. Please note: these are all recommendations I give for ANYBODY in my clinic in order to support immune health and wellbeing. Next stop is supporting that little army in your gut. The gut microbiome is your powerhouse. It provides the means to digest and absorb nutrients, promote serotonin production and immune function and a million other functions. That means having prebiotic foods full of fibre to feed your army and maybe bone broth or gelatin for those of us who have some other digestive complaints. Herbs that support immune function are also great..such as echinacea and elderberry. Lastly..less STRESS! this is one of the biggest challenges to immune function. Stressing and fear over what cannot be in your control is a weakened stance. Take charge and be in control of what you CAN control. That means providing your body the nutrients it needs to go to war for you if it needs to, but don't dwell on the gloom. Instead embrace the power you have as an individual to support your body to be the best version of itself.

Please note: if you have other health issues that cause immune weakness, seeing a Naturopath or health practitioner is always good practice for the upcoming winter season so you can get through with less concerns.

So lets share love in social media to counterbalance the fear that has been rampant. Take care of yourselves and your families and know that stress and fear is our own

worst enemy.

Hanna x

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