• Hanna

Children and their Resistance to the Broccoli (Or anything remotely Healthy) Army.

It can be never ending, the struggle to encourage your fussy toddler or even older child, to eat a variety can seem like such a power struggle. You feel like they are living on chicken nuggets and potatoes.

You're fighting them..they are crying... and determined little soldiers to not succumb to the broccoli army you insist on feeding them. It's stressful, they are stressed and it becomes a dreaded time of day for all involved.

Well here is a little tip on encouraging them to want to try the broccoli invasion. Let them be a part of the cycle.

Children...for the most part...have no idea where the evil broccoli army comes from. Let alone what it tastes like.

So start growing a seed...a broccoli seed (or any other vegetable)

....with your child. Teach them to nurture it, water it and watch it grow. Teach them it is something to love...something that is nourishing and nurturing and delicious. Buy a cute little watering can, one they can manage themselves, and teach them that what they are doing is important.

When they become part of that cycle of growth, you stimulate their natural inquisitive nature. Any Mother, Father, Aunt or Uncle can attest to the never ending WHY? questions their little darling constantly asks. They are like a customs officer wanting to know your plans to visit a far away land and will continue to question you until you have satisfied them with your answers or you've walked away exasperated.

Planting seeds with your children is important, not only to get them invested and intrigued with food that nourishes them, but also to start that learning cycle...that cycle that provides them tools to feed themselves in future.

Just remember back to visiting your grandparents house...eating their green beans fresh from the beanstalk and never eating overcooked green beans at home. Create those memories, nurture that inquisitive nature so they start to be a part of that cycle. And best of all, teach them where their food comes from.

Hanna x

Baby & Child Naturopath & Herbalist