• Hanna

Lemon: those beautiful zesty yellow fruits..

Find out what you can do with lemon and how useful it can actually be!

Lemons....that wonderfully sour, astringent, acidic taste that leaves your lips utterly puckered and your tastebuds zinging! Lets look at why and how it is so good for you..

Lemons in and around your Home

Lemons contain high amounts of vitamin C, which is why people tend to have the much loved Lemon, Honey & Ginger or Lemon Toddy when they're feeling yucky with the flu or a cold.

The vitamin C content of a lemon is estimated at around 31mg per lemon (depending on where and how they're grown and how fresh they are) which is a great deal of your RDI (recommended daily intake).

Vitamin C is also essential for optimum iron absorption. This is another Pro tip. Not many people understand or realise this. So for our vegan and vegetarian friends and family - squeeze a lemon over your dark leafy greens to gets those goodies in your tummy.

It's a great idea to start your day with a warm lemon water drink- squeeze half a lemon and add to a large glass of warm water. This is not a toddy- we want to stimulate digestive enzymes, saliva and the digestive process by using the bitter and sour taste lemons naturally have, and use the acidic taste. So no no no to the honey you really want to add to it first thing in the morning people. It may also be a good idea to sip it through a reusable straw so that you save those lovely pearly whites from being attacked by citric acid in the lemon.

Lemon works great as a whitener. Rub a lemon on your beautiful tablecloth that got jam spilt on it after it has been through the wash and leave it in the sun to bleach back to a beautiful non toxic and healthy white. ( Make sure you scrape that jam off it before putting it in the wash please - Regards, your washing machine). If it doesn't work the first time. Just reapply lemon and put it back out.

So make sure you get into the habit of adding those beautiful yellow fruit into your daily life in other forms than just lemon meringue pie and lemon toddy. That bitter-sour taste is actually the most important thing when it comes to it's health benefits.

Happy lip puckering, lemon squeezing, taste bud rocking days xx

xx H